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Nice Save, Apple

StopApple’s .mac service changeover to MobileMe was a complete debacle.  The system was down for more or less the day before the iPhone 2.0 launch and for that entire day.  If you rely on your .mac account for your email, like a lot of independent consultants and graphic design professionals, that downtime cost you real money.

I’ve got a .mac account for backup and file exchange purposes, so the downtime was more of an annoyance to me than anything.  I didn’t expect anything from Apple, except an update telling me that everything was stable and an apology.

To my surprise, I got an email apologizing as well as a free month of service.  Smart customer service move by Apple which, like L.L. Bean, knows service.  The cost of providing that extra month of service is ~$0 and should easily pay for itself in forgone churn.

Nice job, Apple.  Email from Apple is after the jump. Continue reading

Problems with AIM email

AOL mail problem screenI’ve been having severe problems with my long-time AIM email address and am not sure which (if any) messages are going in or out.  Should you need to get hold of me, please use mark [at] mapconsultingllc.com to reach me.  I’ve been working with the AOL Postmaster to resolve.  Perhaps it’s time to reprint those business cards after all.