MAP Consulting, LLC is a marketing consultancy specializing in online and offline direct response marketing, with a focus on new customer acquisition. Our objective is to drive ROMI for our clients using classical direct response techniques and solid testing design and methodology. Areas of expertise include:

  • Campaign development and planning
  • Test design and analysis
  • List planning and merge/purge analysis
  • Economic modeling

Campaign Development

  • Campaign objective and measures
  • Offer definition
  • Pricing strategy
  • Channel selection
  • Budgeting
  • List, creative and step test plans
  • Project plan development
  • Vendor selection management

Test Design

  • Testing strategy and prioritization
  • Offer, creative and step test plans
  • Univariate and multivariate test design
  • In-flight and post-campaign analysis
  • Rollout decisioning

List Planning

  • List selection and test development
  • Training
  • Systems analysis and consulting
  • Merge/purge analysis and merge testing
  • List broker analysis and recommendation

Economic Modeling

  • Customer LTV modeling
  • Cost Per Acquisition allowable modeling
  • P&L modeling
  • Channel analysis
  • De-averaging analysis

About Mark Pilipczuk

  • Over eighteen years direct response marketing experience, specializing in continuity marketing and customer acquisition
  • Former Senior Vice President at AOL LLC and Vice President, Marketing of World Wildlife Fund
  • Systems development and methodology expertise in ordering, registration, list analysis and selection and product/shipment forecasting

Contact information

Mark A. Pilipczuk
Managing Director
Mark [at] MAPConsultingLLC [dot] com
703 350 4720

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