Sometimes I shake my head and sigh

Kitten curmudgeonAnd sometimes I just shake my head. My apparently never-ending stream of poorly executed direct mail continues, with the latest effort being a shockingly bad example from Marriott’s Fairfield Inn and Visa.  It appears to be the result of a co-op promotion, which may account for the execution; nobody at either Marriott or Visa felt they were responsible for the results of the effort, and it shows.

For the record, the family and I are fans of Fairfield Inns and signed up for Marriott’s Rewards program as the result of numerous stays at their Hazelton, PA location.  The staff is always great, the rooms clean and cookies and DVD movies are always enthusiastically offered to us when we check in at 9 or 10 pm the Tuesday evening before Thanksgiving.

Now, if only those responsible for their direct response efforts could feel the same enthusiasm.  Rather than rant and rave, here’s a PDF file of the quick analysis I’ve sent to Marriott’s marketing team.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes I shake my head and sigh

  1. Roger Shapiro

    I really appreciate your head shaking. Your comments on the .pdf are on the money.
    Too often people today forget the basics of good marketing communications. They try to skip steps or use cool graphics instead of direct communication.
    All the technology in the world … and all the cost-cutting ideas … won’t replace excellent execution.

  2. Tom Donegan

    Wow, once you see a first class postage, much less first class with no live stamp, on any direct mail, you know it can only get worse on the inside……..

    My favorite feature is no offer with a “logo tower” repeated several times with no punch or impact?

    PS: I am glad to see that both Verizon and Marriott/Visa are helping to keep postal rates down for me by using first class mail needlessly:)

  3. Mark

    While I find many of these mistakes both sad and comical, what gets me upset is that back at corporate HQ senior management saying “…direct mail doesn’t work anymore…”

    A little execution and craftsmanship goes a long way!


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