While we build, a message from David Ogilvy

The site build is progressing well today. The CMS platform is up and stable, although page load times aren’t acceptable yet and a few things are being examined on the server side.

We’ve installed a number of plugins to give us more flexibility when adding content. One we’re experimenting with now allows easy addition of YouTube and other videos. And who would be more appropriate to test this with than the immortal David Ogilvy?

This video looks to be from the 80′s when Mr. Ogilvy was serving as the chairman of O&M in India. If you happen to know the audience this was filmed for, I’d appreciate your feedback.I’ll have more on Mr. Ogilvy and others in the future, but for now I bring you David Ogilvy in his own words, on the differences between general advertising and direct response and his advice to general advertising agencies.

One thought on “While we build, a message from David Ogilvy

  1. Andy

    Just made me think about the “personlized” letter from Donald Trump for his new Tower here in Chicago. But he missed the boat – his people didn’t put anything in the envelope! I considered sending a note back to him, but I guess I didn’t care enough about him or his building.

    I thought this clip was some sort of a joke, well with him taking off his jacket and everything at the beginning.


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